Founded by artists for artists in the midst of a COVID-19 summer  Green Wave Gallery is a work in progress

We are all a work in progress, aren’t we? 

We strive to show under-served populations, including people of color and women. 

Green Wave Gallery + K Space Studios is an independent, artist-run creative space. We are a space by and for the creative community. This space is devoted to fostering a safe space for ALL members of the community. We are committed to opposing racism and white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny in all of its forms. We would also like to acknowledge our location as existing upon the traditional, ancestral and unceded lands of the Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne peoples.

Our values include but are not limited to: 




-Freedom of Expression

-Black Lives Matter 



-Sexual equality

-Marriage equality

-Safe space

-Elevating art and people – meaningful art 

-Representing POC, women and underrepresented populations

-We believe in SWORDFISH!

-Being green as possible, viva la environment, reduce, reuse, recycle, conservation

-Spirituality and freedom of religion or lack thereof

-supporting each other and giving a hand when we make a mistake

-discernment and discretion

-Amnesty International

-Rich language – punk rock – humor (that doesn’t belittle people)

-health (balance, don’t overstretch or burn out, eat, sleep, time with loved ones, group effort)

-family friendly (changing table in bathrooms, pro-nursing, pro-children visitors)

-it’s okay to disagree as long as we do it without spite – everything contributes!

-Anthroposophy and the 3 fold social order [a healthy way of organizing, interest in anthroposophy is not required of participants, but it will direct the principles that we operate under. Anthroposophy is a philosophy (not a religion) which includes the idea that every human being is worthy of respect and consideration, regardless of any other factors, simply because they are human. We also see humans as having 3 fold nature – head (thinking), heart (feeling) and hands (willing).] 

-anti-censorship but there is a line.