Call For Entry

The Courageous Art of Waldorf Students and Educators

 Public or private, Waldorf Education is truly an art form that exists to develop and support versatile thinking. Waldorf Education strives to develop courage and equanimity, which we need to meet the challenges of our time. Fostering resilience, that resilience sings through the thoughtful artwork of students and teachers. While school is starting in unprecedented times, this gives us an opportunity to come together and celebrate the healing that art brings to humanity. Let us celebrate responsibly in this physically distant time. Let September be a month of beauty and courage.

  • Organization: Green Wave Gallery
  • Submission Deadline: August 25th, 2020 at midnight
  • Event Dates: Friday September 4th– Sunday September 27th
  • Entry Fee: $1 for children under 15, $3 for educators, $4 for artists 15-up*
  • Eligibility: All past, present and future, public and private Waldorf and Waldorf Inspired educators and students (teachers in training and home programs/home schoolers welcome).
  • Categories: all art forms that fit through our standard sized doorway
  • Artwork must be physically delivered to the gallery in Denver, CO by September 2nd, 2020

Our jurors include BFA art teachers in training and current Waldorf art teachers.

Dates and exhibition details may change based on Covid-19 City and State recommendations


Our gallery believes in diversity and inclusivity. Artworks from all aged categories will be included (we will strive to show work from groups loosely categorized -early childhood – 1st-5th grade -6th – 8th grade, 9th-12th grade, and adult). Submissions will be screened by a panel, including our curator, Julie Merwin and invited guest jurors, to ensure quality and applicability of work. Please note that depending on the number of submissions, our curation process, and other factors, not all submitted works are guaranteed entrance into our show.


This exhibition is open to all professional and amateur artists. All mediums are welcome. Entries must be created by current or past Waldorf/Waldorf Inspired students/educators, from public or private schools or homes. Teachers who are in training, currently teaching or used to teach in a private or public Waldorf/Steiner/LifeWays school or home are all welcome.


Please read and follow all instructions:

GUIDELINES: Artists are invited to submit up to four hanging or three 3-D works for consideration. Please email .jpegs (photos or scans) to labeled with:

-artist’s name

-phone number


-age (at the time of creating the work)

-the size of the work

-the medium(s)

-the year the work was created

-your Venmo

Please also list your Venmo so we can match submission fees to artworks.

Venmo is free. How Venmo works

  • Submission fees are $4 for artists 15-up, $3 for teachers, $1 for children under 15* Please Venmo your application fee, clearly labeled with your name, email, phone and artwork title to greenwavegalleryk (last 4 digits of our phone number are 1978) at Venmo.

*We strive to be inclusive and accessible. If these fees demonstrate a financial impossibility for your family, please contact us at to discuss exceptions.

Submission fees are not for profit and will go directly to expenses that are required to keep our doors open.

Green Wave Gallery will retain a 15% commission on all works sold.

 It is the artist’s responsibility to collect and remit local and state sales taxes for any work sold. All artwork must fit through the gallery door and be ready to hang. This means that all hanging works must have a wire hanger attached to the back of the piece (wire hangers only, no holes for nails, please) and framed and matted, if applicable. Accepted art must reflect the image of the work that was submitted digitally for jurying. Green Wave Gallery reserves the right to reject any artwork for any reason, at any time.  Artists will be required to sign a waiver to show their works.

Images of your art may be used for promotional purposes, but artists retain copyright for their own work.


  • Art Pick Up: Works must be picked up after 4 PM September 27th and by end of day September 30th (exact times to be announced closer to the date). PLEASE NOTE: Once pickup times are published; you MUST pick up your work(s) during those times or make alternate arrangements. We cannot hold works more than 5 days past the show close date. If works remain in our gallery longer than 5 days post-show, we reserve the right to charge a $5 holding fee, per day. Communicate with us and we will find solutions.
  • Green Wave Gallery is open to visitors wearing masks and practicing physical distancing. We are open 50% capacity and doing our best to disinfect regularly. All visitors enter at their own risk, but we are striving to operate as safely as possible.
  • Art has an aura. Seeing it in person is ideal but we recognize that not all will be able to do so. After the show is over, we will strive to provide a virtual experience on our website
  • Questions? Please email Susan at or our curator Julie Merwin at

“Our task is to find teaching methods that continually engage the whole human being. We would not succeed in this endeavor if we failed to concentrate on developing the human sense of art.”

Rudolf Steiner